Could Vettels TV-pod footage solve Alonso mystery?

Written by Nicolai Hald

The italian La Gazzetta dello Sport claims, that the footage from Sebastian Vettels Ferrari TV-pod, could solve the mystery accident Fernando Alonso had, a few weeks ago in Barcelona.

Vettel said immediately after entering the pit, he didn’t saw the beginning of the crash, but only some strange last moments of the crash.


La Gazzetta dello Sport claims to have seen the video from the Ferrari, and says the McLaren slows a bit down, and inexplicable crashes into the wall at still high speed. Bernie Ecclestone used exactly this word to describe the crash – inexplicable.

“It is as though he lost his senses for a moment, I don’t know if an electric shock was possible, but I think that if it was that, the engineers and doctors would be able to detect it. It certainly is a mystery..” Ecclestone said to La Gazzetta dello Sport.

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“It would be easier to believe if we had been told he (Alonso) blacked out or he had a bad breakfast, which can happen to anyone.

But something happened. The loss of consciousness was the cause, not the effect” Former FIA official, Joaquin Verdegay, told the magazine.


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