Ferrari 488 GTB set to replace the 458

Ferrari 488 GTB
Written by Nicolai Hald

This new Ferrari 488 GTB will replace the great 458 Italia, with not one turbo, but a twin turbocharged V8 engine.

The quick fans will notice, that this new Ferrari looks a lot like the old 458 Italia and the speciale too. This is exactly the same story as the 308 to 360, and again the 360 to 430.

Quick info:

Power                                      670 hp
0 to 62 mph (100 kph)          3.0 seconds
0 to 124 mph (200 kph)        8.3 seconds
Top speed                               208 mph (335 kph)
Torque                                     760 nm

Expected Price                     £230.000 ( >305.000€)

The 0 to 62 mph time is exactly the same as the Speciale and McLaren 650S, but this Ferrari 488 GTB is 0.8 seconds quicker to 124 mph than the Speciale, and only 0.1 seconds quicker than the McLaren 650S.

The Ferrari 488 GTB and the price will be announced at the Geneva Motor Show in March – The same time when it’ll be possible to order this lovely 488.

The McLaren 675LT will also be announced at the Geneva Motor Show, let’s see if that car can beat the Ferrari 488 GTB.

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