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New car for Tom Exton – TGE Wagon

Written by Nicolai Hald

We have soon been teased more than half a day to be shown what car Tom has been waiting for in over 7 months. 5 hours driving to Manchester to pick up the new car for Tom.

Twitter and Instagram have exploded and users are tweeting and refreshing as madmen in these hours! The collection of Tom’s new car took a slight turn earlier today, when a queue on the M6 made a halt to Tom, Paul, Sam and Raziz.
As said, they have been teasing us for quite a long time, but only because they had such a huge delay of picking up the car!

But now it’s here, and what a beauty, damn!


  Congrats @TGE_LDNM on your new beast! Shame it took 5 hours to get up here and it’s now dark!   Et billede slået op af Paul Wallace (@wallacepjw) den

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